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OFFICIAL USA Hockey Club of Michigan site

Our Common Goals

Our common goal is to empower young athletes to reach their full potential in ice hockey, fostering a culture of skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship for success both on and off the ice.

Our Vision

Our vision at USA PATRIOTS is to see young athletes flourish in ice hockey, embodying teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill excellence. We aspire to create an environment where every player thrives on and off the ice, fostering their growth as individuals primed for success.

Our Mission

Our mission at USA PATRIOTS is to nurture young athletes' passion for ice hockey, emphasizing skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We aim to create a fun and supportive environment where every player can thrive both on and off the ice.

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Russian Bear Training

Athletic trainer for USHL OHL AAA athletes. Im also the strength and conditioning coach at the Detroit Hockey Academy. Athletic trainer for all sports

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